How To Make Your Sales Copy Flow.

How to make Your sales copy flow like a Tai-Chi Master.

So let me give you three tips on that. First of all, you want to write the way that you talk. Thereafter, because the way that we are trained in school, that when we are writing we turn into very much like a different person, a different writer, right? You write very academically versus writing the way that we talk. – Now maybe when you text, you do write the way you talk. But when you’re doing any kind of writing, you want to write like you’re writing in an essay back in school or a paper. Well, that’s not how it works. When you are writing sales copy, you want to be very very conversational. So write the way you talk. Imagine you’re not talking to a teacher or a professor, you’re talking to a friend, right? Because that’s what builds trust.

You want your sales copy to convey a message, to transfer emotions. And the best way to make sure that your message lands is make sure that you write in simple terms that anyone could understand. You don’t want someone to have to work very hard mentally to understand what you’re talking about. Right? So write the way you talk. The second tip is, when you are done, what you want to do is, you want to either read it out loud or better yet get someone, a friend to read it out loud to you, your sales copy. And when you do that, what happens is certain chunks would pop up, right? Certain chunks would be like, hmm it doesn’t sound right, or this part, it feels like your transitioning too quickly. Or you feel like the story part of it, like it’s just a little bit weird. Good.

You go back and you just edit those chunks. It’s very easy to tell, when you read it out loud. Or you can even record it yourself, by the way. On your computer, playback and you’ll hear the chunks that needs improvement. Having someone read out to you, that works as well. And the third thing that you want to do is you want to use what I call Copy Connectors. Copy Connectors Think about your sales message as almost like a water slide. Remember when you were a kid, right? – [Dan] Or even maybe you’re an adult playing in the water slides. Then you just sliding down, right? The water and . You hit the pool water. Think about that. You want to take your reader, your prospect from beginning the top of the water slide, to the very bottom, right? To the end destination. That’s your call to action. Right that’s to buy now that’s good.

So how do you do that? Copy connector that’s your water. Right? Imagine you you’re going down a waterslide with no water. Oh my god your skin would would burn you hurt yourself. It doesn’t work. It’s not fun to just like kind of sit there, and it’s you’re not going anywhere. You need that water you’re going to make it flow. So the way you do that in copy is using copy connectors. Think of those little sentence in between that you can insert in your sales message. Let me give you an example, right there. That is a copy connector. Let me give an example. Let me explain. Does that make sense? In fact, or here’s the interesting part, while keep reading. Like all these copy connectors, it keeps people engaged right, it keeps just message flowing from the beginning until the end.

Now you don’t want to overdo it, if you overdo it, it feels a little bit awkward but if you just do it enough kind of – Kind of sprinkle through your sales copy, you will see that your copy will flow so much better. If you want instant access to 864 copy connectors, and thousands and thousands more headlines, and proven sub headlines and introductions and bullet points head over to This is a very powerful tool that will help you to dramatically reduce your writing time, while improving the quality of your writing at the same time.



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