Tesla employee to pay $400,000 to end lawsuit of tipping reporters


Former Tesla employee ordered to pay $ 400,000 after being accused of telling reporters of inefficiencies and production delays

According to the details, the payment from Martin Tripp, a former process technician at Tesla’s Gigafactory, was part of a detailed settlement in a case filed in federal court in that city on Monday.

Tesla and Musk were embroiled in a public dispute with Tripp in June 2018, when they fired him and then sued him.

Earlier in September, the judge dismissed Tripp’s defamation counterclaim over Tesla’s statements, including an email to employees in which Elon Musk accused him of “sabotage.”

According to the court record, the accused did not dispute Tesla’s claims that he stole trade secrets and admitted that his counterclaims were funded by a short seller of Tesla shares.

Moreover, the electric car maker had recorded a major profit spike for a fifth consecutive quarter despite the pandemic..

Tesla said it had $ 8.7 billion in revenue in the three months ending September, with shipments rising 54%.

The firm said it still hopes to meet its target of delivering more than 500,000 vehicles this year, but warned it had “become more difficult.” Analysts also warned that the company faces increasing competition.

Tesla has delivered fewer than 32,000 cars to customers so far this year – but nearly half of them – 139,593 – have arrived in the three months ended September 30.

This was up 54% from the previous quarter and 44% year-over-year.

However, the automaker automatically jumped to a profit of $ 311 million – more than double what it made in the same period last year.



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