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Today 1 UAE Dirham to Pakistan Rupees on, 19th May 2021

KARACHI: Today’s exchange rate (AED TO PKR) in the Pakistani currency market on (May 19, 2021) updated here. BOL News updates daily exchange rates.

Today AED TO PKR Exchange Rate

Today the buy rate and sell rate from AED to PKR is Rs 41.5 and Rs 41.63 respectively. (Updated May 19, 2021)

Dated symbol Purchase Sale
19-5-2021 AED 40 PKR 41.63 PKR

The information was obtained from the Forex Pakistan Association.

The UAE Dirham is recognized as an important currency around the world. It is the authorized currency of the United States and is widely used in commerce across the world. The UAE dirham is used in trade for transactions as it is the main reserve currency in the world.

UAE Dirham to PKR Rate – BOL News provides updated Pakistan exchange rates, 1 Dirham to PKR fluctuates daily.

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