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AirTag: What are you using with Apple’s new Find My trackers?

AirTag is Apple’s first product launch in 2021, and its price of $ 29 also makes it the most affordable. So affordable, it’s easy to go a little too far when trying out new Apple technology. It’s easy to skip from “Where do I even put this AirTag?” to “I need an AirTag for everything!” so we are curious to know what you are following with AirTag. The more bizarre, the better …

I started with a Pack of four AirTag. Two are in the obvious places: the key ring and the backpack.

Inconvenient keyring

I use apple saddle brown leather keyring for my keys. It’s an attractive key chain in that key chains can be appealing, but it is a bit of a let down in one respect. My car is the very common 2017 Honda Civic with push-button ignition, and Apple’s cute keyring is too large to fit my keyring without forcing it. You had a job, keychain! I’d be more sympathetic if my car wasn’t the very current Honda Civic. The solution is to simply attach the Apple Keychain to my original keychain. This has the added benefit of having the AirTag hang back and forth with the keys and not side to side.

Backpack track

The backpack situation is more fun. Initially, I was content to drop an AirTag in the front pocket of my backpack. The “cuteness” of an AirTag in a pretty Apple holder brings a totally unreasonable but also undeniable spark of joy. It’s kind of like how high-end Apple Watch bands don’t provide any additional utility (and in some cases reduce utility like waterproofing), but the home decor market is booming. For this reason, I chose to attach the AirTag to a backpack strap with a AirTag buckle holder. It doesn’t make sense, but it makes me smile every time I see it. This is a plus because AirTags are only beneficial when you lose something.

🚗 and 🏍

The other two AirTags follow my car and my motorcycle. The most common purpose is to serve as a simple “Where did I park?” tracker. AirTag won’t remember the level of the parking lot you parked, but I can see it being helpful in helping me find which parking lot in New Orleans I used when they all look the same. The same goes for the AirTag on my motorcycle. These are certainly less convenient than the keys and backpack scenario, but it makes me happy to see the location of my vehicles in the Find My app.

Wallet or not

I tried using an AirTag in my wallet because it’s something I sometimes get lost around the house. Unfortunately, the UFO form factor is too bulbous and uncomfortable for me to appreciate as a wallet tracker. Don’t let that stop you if you want to use AirTagging for your wallet. My 9to5Mac Benjamin Mayo, co-host of the Happy Hour podcast, had a good suggestion for Find My portfolio trackers: It would be a good idea for Chipolo to create different sizes and shapes of his Find My tracker to fill the void created by AirTag.

Woof (or meow)

Apple does not recommend using an AirTag to track your pet. Indeed, the Find My network relies on the presence of iPhones in nature to restrict a probable location. Runaway animals tend to end up in the woods and not in a mall, but there’s no harm in cutting one off the collar anyway. My colleague Chance has photographic proof that initialed AirTag necklaces are 100% adorable in both cases:

We asked Fi, the makers of smart necklaces, what they think of integrating Find My into their products. For context, Fi uses GPS and LTE for precise location and not Bluetooth proximity based on surrounding iPhones like AirTags. Here’s what Fi founder and CEO Jonathan Bensamoun told us:

We love that Apple continues to push the technical boundaries of precision indoor location tracking with Bluetooth, ultra-broadband and the Find My app. As Apple has indicated, this technology is not suitable for dogs, as they roam and get lost outside the home in areas well beyond the reach of the “ Find My ” network (UWB only reaches a radius of 200 m).

At Fi we of course use BLE for indoor tracking, but we really strive to optimize performance for GPS and 5G / LTE long range network communication – this is how we get the dogs that escape. in the woods and cross the neighbor’s yard.

These technologies are fundamentally different, so we do not plan to integrate the “Find My” network. The value of ‘Find My’ is really telling you where your keys are in your room – we don’t think this applies to dogs.

I think the Fi is pretty good as is, and adding the Find My integration as an additional location method would be very cool. People are allowed to change their mind, so hopefully we’ll see Fi + Find My in the future. The tones that come from AirTag when you play a sound are also very useful for finding lost objects in the house or, for example, cats who like to hide in impossible places.


So where do you use AirTags? Drone, headphones or something else? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter! We can’t wait to find out (yes, laugh, it’s a Find My joke).

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