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Latest Piper Sandler survey shows almost 9 in 10 US teens own an iPhone

Piper Sandler’s Last survey over 7,000 American teens shows Gen Z loves Apple, with 88% of teens owning iPhones and 90% expect an iPhone to be their next phone. These two figures are new all-time highs.

As of October, 86% of teens said they own an iPhone, and 89% said they intended to buy one.

In fact, it’s not just the Gen Zs that are happy with Apple and the iPhone. Apple last year beat Samsung in the U.S. Customer Satisfaction Index, which showed iPhone owners to be more satisfied with their devices overall. The average satisfaction rate for iPhones was 82%, a higher rating than any other smartphone brand.

For customer satisfaction, Apple (+ 1% at 82) and Samsung (unchanged at 81) continue to argue while a small gain places Apple at the top. Apple’s overall iPhone revenue grew 8% year-over-year in the 2019 holiday quarter with strong sales for its iPhone 11 series, which features advanced cameras and improved battery life. ACSI data shows that Apple customers are generally more satisfied with their device’s battery life than they were a year ago.

Piper sandlerThe report also shows that cash is still king for teens as the primary payment method followed by Apple Pay. This is the first time that Piper Sandler has asked how teens pay for the products.

America’s Gen Z is also focused on political movements, such as racial equality, the environment, and Black Lives Matter. Gen Z is also still interested in Snapchat (31%), followed closely by TikTok (30%). Facebook’s Instagram comes in third with 24% usage.

The survey shows that American teens love to shop on Amazon (56%) and Nike is their # 1 fashion brand. Chick-fil-A is their # 1 restaurant, followed by Starbucks and Chipotle.

The survey also provides information on COVID-19, indicating that 42% of teens are fully virtual, class attendance has increased to 29% from 24% last fall; 69% of teens plan to get the vaccine when they can, and 48% of teens plan to fly in the next six months.

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