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Poll: How often do you upgrade your iPhone?

A recent survey showed that one of three customers planned to keep their iPhone for at least more than three years. As the iPhone upgrade cycle slows down, do you still buy a new phone every year or wait longer?

Apple currently sells five different iPhone models, if you think of the 12 and 12 Pro series as two completely different phones. As the game-changing features don’t come as often as they once did in the early years of the iPhone, and the price of the phone keeps rising, people are sticking with their current phones a bit longer.

If we compare all the current iPhones sold by Apple, which are probably the ones people use, we have to compare the iPhone XR to the iPhone 12 Pro Max to begin to see what has really changed over the years.

When people upgrade to a new iPhone, they expect longer battery life and design changes, followed by more storage, high-quality videos and photos, and a more processor. fast.

Since Apple only makes high-end processors, anyone who currently owns an A12 Bionic chip will have no trouble with day-to-day tasks with the nearly three-year-old processor. The main problem is usually the battery life which can deteriorate in a year or two.

When this happens, users can choose to upgrade their phone or repair the battery with Apple. When customers choose to repair iPhone battery, it basically feels like new because it will last as long as it did in the early days and the processor will be able to deliver its full power again.

Ever since Apple introduced the OLED display on the iPhone, using dark mode and purchasing a larger Pro Max phone were ways for users to get more battery life. Cameras also improve over time. For example, you can still take great photos on the iPhone XR but if you’re looking for night mode, ultra-wide photos, or even better zoom, you’ll have to go for a newer phone.

Now the only iPhone that’s really different from all the rest is the second-generation SE, launched in 2020. With the classic Home button and larger bezels, the iPhone SE is a powerful phone with a compact and simpler design. Its cameras stack up against the 2019 iPhone 11 lineup, but its selling point is the $ 399 price tag for those who don’t like to change.

If you’re an Apple fan, you probably upgrade your iPhone every year for slightly better performance and cameras, plus some exclusive features. In line 11, it was the ultra-wide lens, Pro Max size, and U1 chip. With the iPhone 12 range, for example, it’s the 5G and LiDAR scanner, plus the new design.

With that in mind, how often do you upgrade your iPhone and why? Tell us in the comments section below.

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