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Samsung launches ‘iTest,’ a new web app for turning your iPhone into a Galaxy device

Samsung is stepping up its efforts to win over iPhone customers. The smartphone maker has launched a new website called “iTest”, and it allows iPhone users to “taste Samsung a bit” through a web application that simulates the Android experience.

When you visit Samsung’s iTest website, you will be prompted to add the web app to your iPhone home screen. Once you do that, you can launch it like any other app and get some hands-on time with the Android interface.

Samsung explains:

You’re about to taste Samsung a bit, without changing your phone. We can’t duplicate all of the functions, but you should quickly see that there is nothing daunting about moving to the other side.

The experience is actually quite impressive and replicates the Android and Samsung Galaxy experience well through a web app running on an iPhone. There are quite a few things you can do, including browsing the Galaxy Store, changing themes, exploring the Samsung Camera app, and more. The banner image in the Galaxy Store naturally promotes Fortnite, which Apple removed from the App Store.

When you’re in the Samsung iTest app on your iPhone, you even receive a variety of text notifications and mock phone calls highlighting different things to try and different ways to communicate with friends. And of course, Samsung is also taking this opportunity to promote its other Galaxy products, such as Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Buds Live.

But while the simulated experience as a whole is impressive, there are areas where it falls apart. Many apps only let you glance at startup screens, and web apps have technical limitations as well. For example, when you try to open the folder titled “popular apps”, Samsung says:

Don’t worry, all the apps you love are available. Because let’s be honest, most of them are Google products and we’re good friends with these guys.

As first spotted by MacRumors, this experience is currently only advertised in New Zealand, but the website is accessible worldwide. We wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Samsung turn this iTest experience into a global marketing campaign sooner rather than later.

Samsung’s new iTest website comes after Apple said in January that the iPhone 12 series spurred an increase in smartphone users switching from Android to iPhone. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Samsung is now stepping up its attempts to convert iPhone users to Galaxy devices.

You can try the iTest experience on your iPhone by going to Samsung website here. For all the latest Samsung news, be sure to check out our colleagues on 9to5Google.

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