Friday, July 30, 2021

FIFA Congress confirms Pakistan’s permanent suspension

The FIFA congress on Friday confirmed the permanent suspension of the Pakistan Football Federation.

Pakistan Football Federation issues were also discussed during the 71st session of the FIFA Congress. A vote was taken to maintain the suspension of the Pakistan Football Federation.

209 members took part in the referendum of which 5 votes were rejected while 203 votes out of 204 were in favor of maintaining the suspension of Pakistan.

On the other hand, a statement issued by the spokesperson for the standards committee said that due to CN’s efforts, Pakistan was immune to further crackdowns.

The spokesperson said the standardization of the FIFA Council could lift the ban. Si Haroon Malik asked him to lift the ban after all the cases were handed over to him.

Earlier in April, the Bureau of the FIFA Council (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) suspended the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) with immediate effect due to third-party interference, in a serious violation of FIFA Statutes.

According to the official FIFA statement, this situation was caused by the recent hostile takeover of the PFF headquarters in Lahore by a group of protesters and an alleged decision by some people to dismiss the PFF normalization committee appointed by FIFA, led by Haroon Malik. and hand over the leadership of the PFF to Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah.

According to the statement, FIFA issued a “ warning letter ” that if the illegitimate occupation of the PFF headquarters was not lifted and the officers recognized by FIFA would not be allowed to freely access the building to fulfill their mandate, the matter would be referred immediately to the Bureau of the Council for decision.

FIFA has stated that the suspension will only be lifted once FIFA receives confirmation from the PFF Standardization Committee that the PFF premises, accounts, administration and communication channels are again. under its full control and that it can continue to fulfill its mandate without further ado. obstacle.

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