Monday, June 21, 2021

India not going to host World T20 2021, Says Wasim Khan

The location of the T20 world will change as the pandemic situation in India is worse and it is still not under control.

The 2020 T20 world cup which was to be held in Australia is also postponed due to the worst situation of the pandemic and the 2021 world cup is also threatened by the Covid-19 because the pandemic situation in India is much worse.

The COVID-19 situation in India has not improved and authorities may be forced to travel to the tournament in the UAE. Recently, the Indian Premier League was also held in the United Arab Emirates, given the dire situation in the home country.

PCB CEO Wasim Khan reiterated that ICC may have to move the mega tournament to the UAE, in case the situation does not improve in the host country.

Wasim Khan also said that the PCB has asked Indian authorities to provide assurances that the Pakistani team will not face any visa issues should the tournament take place in India.

Avital Andrews
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