Sunday, May 16, 2021

PCB announces Parental support policy To Motivate cricketers

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Tuesday announced its Parental Support Policy aimed at motivating and defending professional cricketers on their journey to parenthood – throughout pregnancy and even after childbirth when they return to the country. game and are required to balance their parenting responsibilities with the demands. of their cricket career.

As part of the newly introduced parental support policy by the PCB, female and male players have been granted various rights which they are respectively allowed to assert during pregnancy and at the birth of their child.

The policy includes the ability for female cricket players to transition to a non-gambling role until the start of their maternity leave leading to the birth of their child.

Female cricketers also have the right to take up to 12 months of paid maternity leave and will be guaranteed a contract extension for the following year, in accordance with their existing contractual arrangements, as the CCP believes the right to a player to continue the game at a professional level. should not be limited because of their pregnancy or their responsibilities as a new parent.

At the end of the maternity leave, the player will be reintegrated into cricket activities and will receive adequate medical and physical support for her post-childbirth rehabilitation.

Likewise, if a player needs to travel for cricket activities, the CCP will support the player by allowing her to travel with a support person of her choice to assist with the care of her baby, travel and expenses. accommodation being shared. also.

Cricket men, who are expecting fathers or new fathers, will also be entitled to a maximum of 30 days of fully paid leave, which must be taken within 56 days of the birth of their child, as part of their rights. paternity covered by the policy. .

CEO of PCB Wasim Khan: “The PCB has a duty of care to its cricketers and at every turn it has taken action to support them. In this relationship, it is appropriate that we have a player friendly parental support policy so that our professional cricketers can feel fully supported during an important stage in their life, regardless of their careers.

“Having this policy for our female cricketers was even more important. Women play a central role in the development of society and our female cricketers have brought us laurels and recognition on the world stage.

“Now that we have a maternity leave policy, I hope it will attract more women and girls to take up sport, as it will help them find the crucial work-life balance.”

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