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The best braided nylon charging cables for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

A new rumor today suggests that the iPhone 12 will include a new braided Lightning to USB-C cable in the box. Braided cables are generally more durable and flexible than traditional cables, and you don’t have to wait until the iPhone 12 is released this fall to try them out.

Braided cables for iPhone

Rumors currently indicate that this year’s iPhone 12 will not include a charging brick in the box, but will include the new Braided Lightning to USB-C cable, as pictured here. Fortunately, there are a variety of third-party solutions available already, which means you don’t have to wait until fall to upgrade your charging setup.

One of my favorite iPhone accessory brands is UGreen, and I’m a huge fan of the company Braided Nylon Lightning to USB-C Cable it costs less than $ 15 for the 3ft and 6ft variants. This cable works with any iPhone that has a Lightning port and supports fast charging for iPhone 8 and newer. If you have an iPad with Lightning connectivity, this is the way to go as well.

It’s worth noting that if you haven’t already, now is the time to switch from the USB-A charging brick to one with USB-C. Apples 18W USB-C Power Adapter is a good place to start for iPhone users, but my personal preference is the 2 port Anker 36W USB-C Charger, which costs just $ 8 more than Apple’s official option.

Braided cables for Mac and iPad Pro

For Mac and iPad Pro users, there is port uniformity across the board, so you can stock up on braided USB-C cables that work with both devices. My favorite choice here is the 10ft cable USB-C to USB-C creation cable. This cable supports up to 60W of Power Delivery charging and features a braided nylon design.

Another interesting idea is the UGreen USB-C to USB-C Cable, which also supports 60W fast charging. What’s unique about this option, however, is that there is a right-angle USB-C port, which may be more durable, especially when ‘It is combined with the braided nylon design.

If you want to upgrade to Thunderbolt 3 for your Mac cables, this option Anker costs less than $ 30 and has a 100W load and is also compatible with USB-C interfaces.

RAVPower MacBook Pro 90W Dual USB-C Charger

Finally, if you’re looking for a more versatile charging brick for your iPad and MacBook, I’m a big fan of the RAVPower GaN USB-C Wall Adapter, which has two USB-C ports and supports dual-device fast charging up to 90 W.


If you’re struggling to find durable charging and data cables for your Apple devices, switching to a braided cable is an easy change to make that will likely save you money in the long run. What does your current load configuration look like? Let us know in the comments!

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