Friday, July 30, 2021

Netflix Shoots Scenes For ‘Red Notice’ In Antequera Bullring

NETFLIX Shoots Scenes For Its New Blockbuster Movie ‘Red Notice’ In Antequera Arenas With 300 Extras

The bullring of Antequera, in the Spanish province of Malaga, was the location on Sunday May 9 for the filming of crowd scenes that are part of the Netflix film called “ Red Notice ”, which is already supposed to be a blockbuster when it is released, according to

ModExpoR International had recruited 300 extras for recording by Fresco Film Service, two Malaga companies that work for Netflix, all extras must be tested for coronavirus before entering the set, and must wear face masks at all times except during filming.

Filming of the crowd scenes on location was originally scheduled for November 16, but was postponed due to coronavirus restrictions, so Sunday was a chance to make up for lost time and get the footage taped, with the 300 extras under instruction to become animated. by displaying relevant emotions based on what was happening on set.

In the film – where the plot involves an Interpol agent hunting down the world’s most wanted art thief – are big names including Dwayne “ The Rock ” Johnson, famous for Jumanji, Full Throttle, The Scorpion King, etc., as well as Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool, The Croods, The Proposition, and Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot, none of whom were unfortunately present in Antequera.

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