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Rover’s Return Pub To Be Sold In Explosive New Corrie Storyline

ROVER’S RETURN pub to be sold in explosive new Coronation Street storyline

The Rovers Return, the legendary boozer on the famous Weatherfield cobblestones since 1960, in the heart of Coronation Street, is set to be at the center of an explosive new storyline from the writers of the longtime ITV soap opera, where it will go on sale by Johnny Connor on his release from prison.

The sun had access to photos from Corrie’s set, which show a board of estate agents attached to the wall of the iconic pub, after Connor, locked up for a historic armed robbery in the soap opera, was released early from jail and comes home to find his screen wife Jenny slept with B&B guest Ronnie Bailey while he was inside.

Realizing that her marriage is over, the owner, in a fit of anger, contacts a local real estate agent and puts the ad on the market, but so far the identity of the new owner has not been revealed. in a scenario which is bound to shock fans of the soap.

One of the photos obtained by The sun shows Jenny standing in the street in front of the iconic Rovers facade, trying to explain to Emma Brooker and Shaun Tully why a “ For Sale ” sign suddenly appeared bolted to the pub wall – the sign of a local estate agent, Purplebricks.

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod said The sun about the new twist, “The upcoming story around the Rovers Return ad sale stems from something exciting going on between Jenny and Johnny – but it also led to an exciting opportunity to team up with Purplebricks to sell the country’s most iconic pub “.

Adding, “Having a real Purplebricks sign on the outside adds a little extra realism to a truly tellable story between two of our most beloved characters.”

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