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Spanish ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ Chinese restaurant owner sues TV chef

The owner of a Chinese in Zaragoza who appeared in a Spanish-style TV show “Kitchen Nightmare”, “Te lo vas a comer”, sues the television chief for coercion.

The show, which translates to “Are you going to eat this?” is presented by Alberto Chicote.

According to the Aragon press, a court accepted the complaint filed by the restaurateur on January 18 last year, after the chef entered the restaurant’s kitchens and made derogatory remarks about the state in which he find her.

The restaurant owner claims he only allowed cameras to film in the dining room, but says Chicote took cameras in the kitchen and opened up storage areas without permission.

Images of the chef accompanied by local police were shown on national television in a program about Chinese restaurants. In fact, the footage went viral after Chicote posted the video to Twitter.

The restaurant owner was upset by Chicote’s attitude and decided to go to the police station and charge him with coercion, as he was concerned about the financial damage the footage would cause.

His lawyer demanded that the images allegedly taken without permission not be broadcast and a warning measure was taken by a judge in February 2020 “to protect the victim and avoid irreparable damage”. The company that owned the footage was also asked not to release it, but the producer got the warning to be rescinded as it affected a special program on Chinese cuisine which aired on December 17 last year.

It was shown that the TV chef called the restaurant “like a *** t” as he explored the kitchen claiming there was no refrigeration and fresh food was left out on the shelves. counters.

After discovering cockroaches he announced “We have to shut this kitchen down now” and added “This is no joke. If I was a bug, I would also come here as it is insect heaven.

The appeal was not accepted and the trial will continue.

If found guilty, Alberto Chicote could be forced to pay a fine.

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